Feb 06, 2014 11:54AM

Listen: Kelela 'The High'

She'd do anything for the high.

"My lips are creeping up your neck / You shiver and try to pull back." So begins LA-based R&B singer and internet game changer Kelela, on her new track 'The High' — and 'high' is exactly how you feel upon listening to the five-minute, 808-heavy slow burn. 

The artist behind last year's amazing Cut For Me mixtape has released the new song as an addiction to DJ Kitty Cash's Love The Free release, and only just uploaded it as an individual track on her Soundcloud
Thank you Kelela. For the gloriously minimal and bass rumbling gifts we are about to receive. For murmuring to wailing, from talking amorous feels to chemicals; the tracks is an emotional roller coaster of droney, spine-tingling seduction. 


Photos: Socrates Mitsios