Jul 11, 2012 12:11PM

Listen: 'Neptune' by Azealia Banks

From her 'Fantasea' mixtape, out tomorrow!

Ahead of tomorrow's release of her Fantasea mixtape, Azealia Banks has thrown us another musical bone, this time with the help of British rapper Shystie. The mermaid-themed track (of course it's mermaid-themed!) is bubbling to the brim with underwater sounds and some sexually aggressive lyrics that could make the Roman god of the sea himself blush like a deep-sea school girl.

Azealia expressed some nervousness about tomorrow's mixtape release via her Twitter, saying "Lololololol I hope you guys like it! I'm nervoussssss." She also tweeted:

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed a similarity between the cover art of Azealia's last four tracks and a certain cult cartoon character? Mixtape illustrator Christina Lu gave a shout out to her inspiration (Daria!) on Twitter:

If you're anything like us and kind of can't wait until tomorrow, get some more Azealia Banks goodness here — download 'Aquababe', listen to 'Nathan' ft. Styles P, watch her 'Liquorice' video directed by Rankin and styled by Nicola Formichetti, or stream her 1991 mixtape.