Jul 25, 2012 10:31AM

Listen: New Snoop Dogg & Kreayshawn Tracks

...and a Moonbase Commander remix of Kanye & Jay-Z.

Welcome to Wednesday! To celebrate the middle of the week, we're showcase new tracks by Snoop Dogg and Kreayshawn (who we interviewed for #95), as well as a fresh remix of a modern classic from Sydney pal Moonbase Commander (who blew us away with the mix he made for us).

Snoop went all reggae on this one. It's called 'La La La' and features some profound auto-tune atop a beat which could be described as 'phat'. He also assumes the moniker 'Snoop Lion' — apparently he's going to releasing an entire reggae album under this name. Listen to the track below, which has been co-produced by Major Lazer.
Kreayshawn's track is called 'Go Hard (La la la)' leading us to believe 'la' when used thrice is a very trending song title at the moment. The video is a mix of rave, pop art and anime — both garish and fabulous.
Last but definitely not least, Electronic Lord Moonbase Commander takes on Jay Z and Kanye's 'Gotta Have it' from the perpetually pleasing Watch The Throne. Enjoy!