Nov 14, 2013 4:00PM

Listen: The GTW & Dre Green 'Neymar Night'

Summertime kick-backs.

The GTW aka James King, the Chicago-based Nigerian-American musician who samples everything from crunching leaves to P. Rico's 'Hang With Me' on his just-dropped track 'Neymar Night', which translates to a 'kick back night' between a couple. Collaborating with the vocalist Dre Green, The GTW takes a back seat, letting her smooth lullaby crooning wash over the nature sounds-infused track.

As the progressive musician who's previously collaborated with Hot Sugar and Le1f told us, "The production I did on this was old school 90's ATL Bass-inspired, with tribal drums fluttering over the breakdown." It's a super ethereal, jungle-inspired R&B that sounds like Summer. Hmmm.
Listen to another The GTW's recent mix below:
Photos: Rykeyn Bailey
Gif: Michael Tousana