Dec 07, 2016 4:20PM

Listen To King Krule Rap About Wasps For New Micachu Story

Buggin' out.

Would you like to listen to King Krule scream about wasps for several minutes? If the answer is yes then today's your lucky day because the artiste has participated in a new project that sees musicians and illustrators collaborate on a story, and Archy Marshall's contribution is all about attempting to escape form a pesky wasp.

The story was written by Micachu as part of Waxploitation's Stories for Ways and Means project which has also featured original pieces from Joey Bada$$, Lizzo, Justin Vernon, Tom Waits and Nick Cave among others. Illustrated by Kirsty White, the two and a half minute thang is a trippy tribute to kids games and the value of some good old fashioned onomatopoeia.Photo: @kingkruleuk

Lucy Jones