Jan 17, 2017 11:02AM

Listen To Solange Deconstruct 'Cranes In The Sky'


Solange just jumped on Song Exploder to talk through best song from best album A Seat at the Table. The Hrishikesh Hirway-hosted podcast sees artists dissect their biggest bangers, with previous guests including Grimes and Björk.

In the 26-minute episode, Solange talks about how 'Cranes in the Sky' came together over seven years and what each element represented in her life at the time. The track was initially built off Raphael Saadiq instrumentals, with Solange layering heavenly lyrics piano solos over the spiritual sounds. The artiste explains that she began writing the track during a transitional phase in her life, recorded vocals in a house full of cockroaches in Jamaica and ended up being inspired by actual cranes in the sky. She also discusses how the personal lyrics evolved into a more political story that speaks to the experience of black women in America. Get an insight into the emotional banger below. Photo: @saintrecords

Lucy Jones