Oct 14, 2013 1:50PM

LN-CC Presents 'Outsider: Youth on the Margins'

Harmony Korine, Larry Clark & Corinne Day capture teenhood.

London boutique LN-CC live for these kinds of projects.  The cult retailers have just re-released a series of photo books from the early 80s until now, that deal with teenagers on the fringes of society. Each book in the series was chosen for it's highly charged emotional resonance — made even more intriguing with time. Regarded photographers like Larry Clark, Jim Goldberg, Mike Brodie, Harmony Korine, Corinne Day, Mikio Tobara and Mary Ellen Mark all contribute their own vision of the self destruction, restlessness and vulnerability they've observed in different groups of young people on the margins of their communities.

From teenage runaways who've landed in Seattle in the late 80s, Japanese motorcycle gangs in the 70s, train-hopping kids in Alabama, to Macaulay Culkin and his then wife Rachel Miner — the books all deal with sex, drugs, violence and the feeling of dispossession. They're really really good and we kind of want them all. 
Find them on LN-CC.