Dec 10, 2013 1:47PM

Look At This Virtual 'Clueless' Closet

Trying on clothes the Cher way.

We've patiently waited 18 years and now the virtual wardrobe that Cher uses in Clueless is almost complete. It's not much to look at presently, but the Swivel (a virtual imaging program from company with the best name ever, FaceCake) is an animated dressing room that takes your computer's photo booth set-up to the next lev — allowing images of real-life products and garments to be superimposed up to your bod, like a paper doll, but (kind of) more realistic. 

Hmm augmented reality fashionz. FaceCake's Swivel is already available in select Bloomingdale's department stores, which is so not fair that it leaves us totally buggin'. 
To break it down, you stand in front of a camera and with your IRL hand, pick out pieces from the display projected back at you. You can even do a little turn (on the catwalk) and the clothes move with you. As if! Using their phone, users can also scan items they like and add them to their virtual wardrobe PLUS once you've styled yourself to perfection, you can share your looks on Facebook.  Cray but true. Thank you, based God. See a demo RIGHT HERE
P.S. RIP Britney.