Sep 18, 2013 11:24AM

Look Inside Kanye's Manhattan Loft

Ultramodern and minimalist but still very much BALLING.

Behold, interior voyeurs and those wild for the perennially batshit antics of Kanye: this is how the guy lives. 

Essentially we bring you an episode of MTV Cribs via your monitor and, if you didn't go to work today, the comfort of your own comparatively dowdy home.  These images show Yeezy's 200 square metre loft in Midtown Manhattan, and yes, its as slick as you'd imagine. The media-loathing, Chance The Rapper-endorsing baby daddy lives in a minimalist abode with French limestone and pear wood. It's also moored by two monolithic stone structures, and calls to mind words like 'ultra-mod', 'clean' and maybe also 'filthy rich'. According to the Claudio Silvestrin Architects, the people responsible for the pad's construction, it's characterised by a "continuous, unrestricted flow of space." According to us, it's funded by a continuous, unrestricted flow of dollar bills.