May 31, 2011 12:00AM

Louis Vuitton Voyages

And you thought having food-envy sucked.

Remember that photo Paris Hilton tweeted of herself sitting with no less than twelve Louis Vuitton suitcases before flying to South Africa for the World Cup last year? Yeah, well Hilton's private collection pales in comparison to the exhibition of Louis Vuitton luggage that opened in Bejing on Sunday - even if you are taking in to account the fact that all of hers were probably stuffed with designer outfits and high-quality marijuana.

Voyages focuses on Louis Vuitton's historical association with travel, and marks the National Museums of China's first partnership with any brand. The exhibition feature the work of contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Wang alongside a huge collection of vintage and rare Vuittons that would give most visitors serious suitcase-envy. On display until 30 August, Voyages is the latest in a series of luxury/art partnerships China has seen in the last few years - including Burberry's 12,500 square foot Bejing megastore.

It seems unfair that an exhibition of suitcases can't make its way south of the Hemisphere - seriously, what could be easier to transport than suitcases? But perhaps that's a good thing. That feeling when you're standing at baggage claim watching your oversized kidney-shaped thing (the one your Mum brought in London 25 years ago) loom closer while sandwiched between two perfectly-symmetrical designs with shiny metallic accents is not one you want to experience too often.

Words: Hannah Ongley