Dec 01, 2011 12:00AM

Lover, Dion Lee, Manning Cartell On Sale

Plus we chat to Lover's Nic Briand about his sale survival tactics.

There's a weekend worth of Sydney sales ahead of us, with Lover, Manning Cartell and Dion Lee all acting as temptation to spend that cash money. The Lover jumble sale is enough to send a girl giddy, with nothing over $150 (excluding current season stock) for one day only on this Saturday, December 3. There is going to be an insanely long line (fact), so make sure you get there earlier than 10AM when the doors officially open. You may need a stiff drink afterwards, which is lucky because the sale is conveniently located at the Paddington RSL club (who knows - you might even win a meat tray raffle). It wraps up at 5pm, and cash/Eftpos/Visa/Mastercard are all payment options. In anticipation, we spoke to one half of Lover, Nic Briand about his sale survival tactics.

Alice Cavanagh: What is your ultimate soundtrack whilst shopping at a sale?
Nic Briand: Something hip hop. You need to get your game on.

What will be the best Lover piece to look out for?
There are some lace gems in there that have been discovered in an archive box.
What length of time would you be willing to line up for a sale?
Patience is a virtue.
What tactics would you deploy to secure something you have always wanted at a sale?
A) Distract your best friend so she/he walks past the item and misses it.
B) Trip someone over.
C) Set a timeshare system for said item.
D) None of the above.
We've seen some pretty crazy tactics over the years. Many go far beyond what you've listed. As they say on Survivor, "Outwit. Outplay. Outlast."

The Manning Cartell sale will see one-off pieces, current season samples, recent and past collections, with prices starting as low as $40. What's more, the stock will be replenished daily. The Manning Cartell sale kicks off tomorrow on Friday December 2 and continues on to Saturday December 3. Check it out as 45-47 Meeks Road, Marrickville.

Dion Lee is getting in on the action too and is also having a warehouse sale this weekend, on Saturday December 3 (10AM - 6PM) and Sunday December 4 (10AM - 5PM). At Darlinghurst's District 01, expect to score up to 85% off on past season mainline and Line II pieces, as well as archival treasures and exclusive samples.