Dec 10, 2015 10:01AM

Mac DeMarco Launches Official Fan Club With The Help Of His Mum


Get ready to froth fan boys and girls, 'cos Mac DeMarco created a website dedicated to bringing you all things Mac. The loveable rascal runs the low-budget site himself, along with his manager, Michelle Cables, and his mum, who's the Fan Club secretary (aww, mum!). 

The three-person team have forged a solid Mac community, where fans can keep tabs on the dude by way of "intimate reports on Mac, the band and his homies, information on new merch, memorabilia, tour dates, meet and greet opportunities, and everything and anything that is part of his weird world." 

General membership is free, but if you want to take your stalking capabilities to higher places, sign up for a Disciple Membership for a "small annual fee" of between $50USD — $85USD, depending on where you live. In return, you will get fun stuff like personalised birthday messages from Mac's mum, a holiday surprise from Mac and early bird tickets. Shut up and take our money.

Go sign up here!

Photo: @macdemarco

Madeleine Woon