May 23, 2010 12:00AM

Made in Japan

Oyster caught up with up-and-coming Sydney-based band Made in Japan after their gig @ Oxford Art Factory recently to talk sci-fi films, mosh pit snow angels and weekend tai chi.

So why 'Made in Japan'?
I think we were all high one night and watching Back to the Future where Marty says "But doc, all the best things are made in japan". Also Tom, our guitarist, is Asian. I guess that brings the average up.

Best gig?
Best gig? Couldn't tell you. Either the Annandale EP launch or a very loose night at Spectrum where James had to get off stage and tell some dude to stop beating on tiny girls down the front. But I can tell u the worst gig. A 15 minute set in a pokies room. Won't say where. Oh yeah, and my amp blew up.

Most memorable on-stage antics?
Mike our ex-bass player's last show @ World Bar, 2am. Mike was so hammered that he tried to make out with all of us on stage and then proceeded to lie down in the crowd and play. He somehow managed to get the whole front row to do snow angels with him on the floor of World Bar. He didn't miss a note.

What are you thinking about when you're performing?
I don't know about the others but for me its simple, "Dont fuck up. Dont fuck up."

What are you doing when you aren't rehearsing or on stage?
When Made in Japan are not playing or rehearsing you may find us at the White Cockatoo eating chicken burgers, playing lawn bowls at Petersham bowling club, or tai chi on a Sunday morning in Centennial Park.

What was it like working with producer Paul Annison (Red Riders, Children Collide) for the track 'Oxford Decor'?
Wild! He showed us his amazing range of adidas footwear and his passion for two regular lattes from a very specific coffee shop in Collingwood. As a producer, he was amazing. Blunt, but a genius and very professional.

Plans for the future?
Recording at the moment for a release. More gigs, and world domination.