Oct 13, 2014 9:23PM

Malawi Style Is Better Than Your Style

Photos by Kent Andreasen.

Malawi style is better than your style, as illustrated in the above gallery of images by photographer Kent Andreasen, who recently took a road-trip through Africa. The colours! The prints! So fresh and so clean! Take heed, dear reader, because the people in these photographs know what style really means. 

Here's the story behind the images, in our photographer's words:

Kent: "I travelled with nine of my friends who are musicians and were asked to play at the Lake Of Stars music festival  They make up a group called Christian Tiger school and another band by the name of John Wizards. So, the trip was five days long and it consisted of a 40-hour bus ride from Johannesburg through Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and then finally into Malawi. Our destination was a lakeside town by the name of Mangochi where the Lake of Stars festival was being held. I shot the images whenever we would stop and around the festival. It was hard to get the shots I wanted in such a rush but it forced me to work a little harder to observe my surroudings. We got to meet some great people and I found Lake Malawi to be surreal."

Sorry to butt in, but I am a total nerd when it comes to Lake Malawi. It is home to some of the most beautiful freshwater fish in the world. Male African Cichlids (a few examples are pictured below) are as brightly coloured as saltwater fish on the barrier reef. Beyond cool!

Kent (ctd): "It's a strange feeling getting into a body of water that looks like an ocean but isnt salty. Being able to observe the interaction people had with the lake I think was the highlight for me — that and being able to see my mates playing music they love in such an epic setting. It was unreal. Unlike the 40-hour trip home..." 

Check out the above gallery for magnificent Malawi style — including killer colour-blocking and proof that dudes look great in crop tops too. 

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