Dec 20, 2016 10:22PM

Margot Robbie Excellently Flips Off Press And Flashes Ring

Full dreamboat Margot Robbie threw together a pretty chill wedding/shattered some dreams the other day, and the media has been thirsty af for details (hey!). So far, all we really know if that the suspect wore a man bun.
Not being entirely selfish, Margz has gone ahead and given the world what it wants by snapping an insty pic of the ring. Not being entirely boring, she photographed it in a very cheeky way: a little, kind of, up yours to the people out there who've been combing the socials for any BTS pics of the big day. 

A photo posted by @margotrobbie on

Now we can confirm that the ring is just as precious as our Margz, and that her hubby Tom Ackerley is still wearing a man bun. Together 4eva.
Photo: Max Doyle for Oyster #108 

Hayley Morgan