Dec 23, 2016 4:13PM

Model Mari Giudicelli Makes Good Shoes, Has Good Ideas

Carpe the diem.

Mari Giudicelli's Instagram bio reads: "I model, make shoes, and dislike pickles" and we can forgive her for the latter (peanut butter and gherkin sandwiches forever) because the former are that good. Mari's understated style and au natural look have earned her a cult following on the internet but it's her great priorities and chill personality that really won us over. Get acquainted below.

Natalie Shukur: Where do you live and what do you do?
Mari Giudicelli: I live in Brooklyn and I'm a footwear designer. I also model sometimes. 

What do you love most about what you do? 
The creative freedom. Having my own brand provides me an alternative to what I don't like about the fashion system. And creating shoes that bring a discreet sophistication and elegance to women's everyday lives. 

How would you describe the current cultural landscape in New York?
An always-evolving vibrating blob.

What excites you about living in New York?
The infinite opportunities, resources and inspiring people. 

How do you feel about the future? 
Whatever will be will be. I try not to overthink too much. 

What are you most interested in right now? 
Space. Humans in space. How the earth's rotation is slowing down. What we are going to find out now that we landed in Jupiter. All that.

What are your thoughts on the current political/economic climate? 
It's election time here but also back home, in Rio. It's a bit surreal to me that we have a really insane person as a candidate to be president. I unfortunately can't vote here. I don't know much about politics; I just really hope everyone gets basic needs such as clean water, sanitation and food. 

What's the best/worst thing about the internet? 
The best thing is having so much information so easily. The worst thing is how people become so addicted and reliant on it.

What technology could you not live without? 
I really like vacuum cleaners, laundry machines and garbage disposal, but I can live without it. Maybe airplanes? So I can go home to see my family.

What invention do you wish existed? 
A way to travel very fast. Or a safe and easy way to go to space.

What characteristics do you believe define your generation? 
Speed, consumerism, obsession with aesthetics, cynicism.

If you could change one thing about your industry what would it be and why? 
The speed and disposability of it. Designers have to create nonstop and overproduce in order to attend the market's needs. It's all too much. The world really doesn't need more clothes. 

What do you hope humans will achieve within the next 50 years? 
Equity. Cure for fatal diseases. Affordable space travel? Did I already say that?

Are there ideas and values from decades past that you would like to see resurrected for tomorrow?  
Fashion-related, I'd love to see more people caring for their clothes. Buying more carefully and less frequently. Discarding them less. Passing them on to their kids. And also, respect for food and natural ingredients. 

If you became a parent, what would you want for your children's generation?  
I'd like them to know that you shouldn't live to work. I may be very utopian but I'd love to see more people being conscious that their lives are short and live their dreams. I'd love to see more people living unconventional lives. 

Who do you think is changing the game?  
There's more and more people leaving their 9-5 and following their dreams. Entrepreneurs or simply travelers. Just ordinary people that become extraordinary.

What do we need more / less of tomorrow? 
Less Instagram, more living in the moment. 

Photography: Sara Grace Powell
Fashion: Thistle Brown

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