Aug 09, 2016 8:46AM

Maura Goes From Moppa To Mom In 'Transparent' Season 3 Trailer

Hold onto your feels.
For one strange moment we kinda forgot about Transparent being the best televised gift on earth. But with those first ringing piano notes it all comes flooding back — real hard emotions right in the face. Season 3 has a new trailer and it's about to drag your feels.
The info we can gather is that Maura is ready to ditch the Moppa title and go full blown Mom. Other Mom Shelly is not thrilled. We also see that Vicky (Anjelica Huston) is still hanging ten, which is great news because Anjelica is a legend.
The trailer taps into feminine expectations/ideals, with Maura sitting through a computer rendering of a face redesign—although a truly tragic reality, she manages to keep the mood light with her charitableness. The trailer also delivers the magic line "When one person in a family transitions, everyone transitions", and so we see a montage of how they all attempt to deal. Sarah embraces her wild side, Shelly works on her personal brand/online presence (love u), and Alexandra kinda doesn't deal at all.
Season 3 returns to Amazon Prime on September 23.
Photo & GIF: YouTube, Tumblr

Hayley Morgan