Apr 15, 2013 6:02PM

MBFWA 2013 Photo Diary: Chic Booking Agent Thomas Gillmann

Hamburgers and hotties.

Chic booking agent Thomas Gillman is one of those behind-the-scenes wizards who make fashion happen. Chic represents some of the best girls in the business — Ollie Henderson, Rachel Rutt, Nicole Pollard, Jemma Baines, Amanda Ware, Gabby Westbrook-Patrick, Maddison Brown and Holly Rose seemed to be on every runway ever. Despite being entrusted with the difficult task of making sure the models were at the right place at the right time, Thomas managed to make the week look pretty chilled from his Fuji photos. Just another day at the office.

Shot using Fuji Film on a Fuji Instax Mini 8