Apr 04, 2013 6:22PM

MBFWA 2013 x Oyster Collaborator: Chic Booking Agent Thomas Gillmann

Witness the week through his eyes.

Founded in the early 90s, Chic is now recognised as one of the top agencies in the world — Abbey Lee, Alexandra Agoston, Catherine McNeil, Jessica Gomes and Nicole Pollard are just a few of the big names signed to their books. The models they represent have appeared in the pages of Vogue UK, French Vogue, Vogue Italia and i-D, and walked for Chanel, D&G, Gucci and Dior. Their booking agents are the ultimate industry insiders, and for MBFWA we are collaborating with one of them! 

Thomas Gillmann was born and raised in Paris where he worked at Nathalie Models and Elle magazine. He's been at Chic for about two years now and will be on location throughout Fashion Week making sure the models are where they need to be when they need to be (trust us, it's not an easy job!). Amongst the chaos backstage, Thomas is going to be taking photos for us and documenting his week.

Ingrid Kesa: Describe how you're feeling about Fashion Week in a song...
Thomas Gillmann: It's actually more of a mixtape...

How many fashion weeks have you been to?
A few. I'd like to say they are all unique but it all feels like a big blur. This will be only my second one in Sydney though, so it's still pretty fresh!
What's your best Fashion Week memory?
I can't remember much of it, but it included Kate Moss, Fendi, champagne, loud music, a Vespa and French cops. That is all.
Three things you can't live without at Fashion Week?
Phone charger, Berocca and Nike Free run's.
How do you plan to chill out at the end of the week?
Martinis, movies and friends.
Which girls should we look out for on the runways this season?
Definitely the tall ones — you're not going to make me choose are you?