Nov 25, 2013 2:00PM

Meet: Evelien Joos

Shot by David Mandelberg and styled by Britt McCamey.

Evelien Joos is the type of girl that sneaks up on you, splits your sides with her humour and leaves you with a whirlwind of stern advice, sweet sentiment and wardrobe envy. She is busy. We caught up with Evelien in NYC to chat about her new job as Carine Roitfelds Director of Photography and more.

Britt McCamey: Where do you live?
Evelien Joos: Manhattan, New York.
Favorite museum?
I love the Museum of Natural History. Although I haven’t been in a very very long time.
Blinie. My sister came up with that when I was 7 years old and everyone in my home town still calls me that.
Favorite Flowers?
Orchids. That's just because I have many of them. People always get them as gifts in my office and then after the flowers are gone, they throw them away! Poor plants! So I take them home and take care of them and they ALWAYS re-bloom. I'm the orchid re-blooming master haha!
Diptyque Tubereuse or anything in figue or musk.
African Musk and I have this great Agave scent perfume from Coqui Coqui.
Favourite fashion faux pa?
The comfortable shoe and the jogging pant. I have this high waisted jogging pant — it's a strange piece of clothing but it's extremely fun to wear. We call them 'no chance pants'. Yes, I wouldn't be able to wear them to work.
Who inspires you?
I don't have one person. Everyone who is talented at something inspires me.
You're an accessories girl. Can you take us through them all?
A bracelet purchased in Byron Bay from an old hippie. Three gold necklaces, one has my nickname on it. One cross and a braclet I've had since I was a baby. One from The Same Nice People, which is a stealth bomber toy plane. One Balenciaga ring and one Repossi pinkie ring. And seven golden rings in my ears, one ring for each piercing..... I NEVER take ANY of this off.
Favorite labels:
Celine, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Tim Coppens, Cartier, Repossi. Designers — Raf Simons, Dries Van Noten, Phoebe Philo. And who ever is the designer for the army.
For the moment, it's all about my Birkenstocks. I love my Nike Air Force One. I love my Celine and Peter Pilotto heels.
My leather jacket is my bag or the pockets in my pants or the basket on my bicycle. I don't like bags. I'll take an ipad case or the linen shoe dust bags as a handbag! Bags are excessive weight you need to drag around with you. I need my hands free.
Can you tell us about your job at CR Fashion Book and what you do on a day-to-day basis?
I am Photography Director at CR Fashion Book. It's basically organizing all the photoshoots within a budget I receive. I also produce Carine's shoots for Harpers Bazaar, which she does 4 times a year. The shoots come out in 30 Bazaars worldwide.
And before CR Fashion Book, what where you doing?
I was Photo Editor at V Magazine and V Man for 3 years. And before that I lived in Belgium and France and worked for a photographer's agency and casting agency.
You where the casting director for Richard Chai's NYFW show last week. Can you tell us about the process?
During shows, castings becomes like war! Agents and agencies become a different species and they are impossible to deal with. I don't play the game with being bitchy and demanding certain models, if I know they won't be free. I just move on and pick a better model! For me, the most important thing is that the girls and boys all fit the clothes very well and the casting is consistent and on point! I don't need top models to have a perfect casting.
Your favorite trends from Spring 2014 so far?
A Richard Chai look I wore for the CR party — a silk bra and wide silk pants from his SS14 collection. Since I am not a fashion editor, I don’t really follow the trends. I don't need to! But I am always in for a cropped top.
In your job you are obviously exposed to the next generation of models and designers. Can you tell us your top 5 models to watch?
Anna Ewers , Larissa Hofmann, Nadja Giramata and then these girls already did a season but I LOVE Chiharu, Marine Deleeuw, Josephine Letutour. Then there is Emily R who is on our next cover of CR. She will surpass models and go straight into stardom.
What keeps you engaged with fashion?
The constant change of it and all the amazing photos from iconic photographers - all the great fashion moments throughout the years! It's so great to look back at issues and look at the shoots and remember the models and the clothes and how great it all looks! I LOVE looking at old magazines.
Biggest fashion peev?
The fashion people during fashion week. Makes me want to wear all black. Also Jeffrey Campbell shoes!
Career highlights/low moments?
A low moment was when I worked at a modeling agency, because they paid me a ton of money. But even that was a good move or else I wouldn't be where I am today. My highlight so far has been my time with V Magazine and now working closely with Carine Roitfeld - it's something I could have never dreamt of.
Photography: David Mandelberg
Fashion and Interview: Britt McCamey
Talent: Evelien Joos