May 28, 2014 2:36PM

Meet Single Dogs Near You

For adoption purposes…not dating.
There comes a time in everyone's foray into the deep and despairing depths of swiping left or right where you question you're life and everything about it. Now is not that time. Tinder for dogs, better known as BarkBuddy is the app for fluffy singles that you never knew you always wanted, and now you finally have it. Basically BarkBuddy is one big online pet shop that lets you get away with being a terribly shallow person/doge from the privacy of your own home.
This way (just like real-person Tinder) you can palm out rejection, disgust or instantaneous obsession at your anonymous leisure. Huzzah! 
The app works throughout the US and Canada and the eligible pooch bachelors/bachelorettes are all sourced from shelters and other rescue organisations. We're talkin' seriously cute looking canines-in-need teamed with online dating principles, people. Serious potential for much time wastage (wow) and let's face it, it’s probably more successful than you're average Tinder sesh. It's a match!