Feb 21, 2014 7:35AM

Meet The Model: Alexzandria Jade

Shot by Darren Ankenman.
Alexzandria Jade is a Californian beauty that describes herself as a "professional emotionist," which we can relate to. With a love of French pop, an obsession with film and a love of telling stories, Ally's not a signed model. She's just an intriguing girl who takes a really good picture. 
Jerico Mandybur: Where are you from and where are you currently living?
Alexzandria Jade: I am from the lovely little town of Santa Rosa and I am currently living in transit between the Bay Area, and Los Angeles, California!
What's it like being a professional 'emotionist?'
Ha ha. I made that word up when I was in Middle School, and it just kind of stuck but I think it perfectly describes what I do. I have always been a visual artist, but have never been satisfied with my painting and drawing abilities. At the time I discovered my passion for music. I lived in Elk Grove for nine years and the drugs and gang violence there was so bad I wasn't allowed to go anywhere or do anything. When I finally was allowed to go to shows I was blown away by the passion that went into some musicians stage performances, and from that moment on I fell in love with passion. My PASSION is to recreate passion, to harbour emotion and give it to people to feel. I just want people to feel something.
Who are five women who inspire you?
My sister Isabella, Chloe Aftel, Christian Joy, Bianca Licatta and my Grandmother.
If you could only express yourself in one medium for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Film! Whether it be acting for it, directing it, or shooting/filming it myself. Most definitely film. 
How do you relax?
Dancing and extravagantly long showers.
What animal would you like to reincarnated as?
That's easy; a Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit, but a whole colony of them. 
What's the best YouTube video you've ever seen?
Song that best describes your life?
Right now…'J'ai Peur Parfois' by Adele (the French one.) I've been really into 60's French pop lately.
What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?
I was a Sophomore in high school, and I used to be painfully shy. I was the new girl on campus, and naïve when making friendships, and relationships with certain people. I ended up (very) briefly dating this senior, and by dating I mean we thought each other was cute, and were slowly testing relationship waters. He was way more into me than I was. Anyways, a few days into our relationship, I learned he had a really fucked up childhood, and way more baggage than I could manage. But we were walking through the creek behind my house one day, and I was still trying to decide on whether or not I was really into this guy, and he was telling me all of these fucked up stories about his life. I don't remember what happened to trigger his word of advice, but he told me to "never be embarrassed." He didn't explain it, but when he said it, everything made sense. 
What rules would you install if you were Supreme Leader of Earth for one day?
If I was Supreme Leader of Earth for one day, I wouldn't, I would go on vacation, and let life do it's thing. 
Photography: Darren Ankenman
Model: Alexzandria Jade