Aug 28, 2015 5:39PM

Meet The Model: Ilana Kozlov @ NEXT, Shot By Darren Ankenman

Free range.

Ilana Kozlov was a raver in a past life, enjoys watching nightmarish YouTube videos and has a lot of tattoos. In other words, we <3 her. We hooked up with Ilana in LA where we quizzed her on all the important things in life and her answers really made us think... 

Full Name: Ilana Kozlov

Nickname: My rave name was Berry.

Star Sign: Pisces.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Originally caged, but now free range.

What were you into in high school?
There isn't one thing I can think of that's PG/PC.

In what ways have you changed since then?
Stopped wearing eyeliner.

What was the last tattoo you got?
My friend Rikky gave me a tattoo of a dog in a hat dedicated to the band Korn.

What scares you most?
A good tattoo or a wedding photographer — haven't decided…

What's a smell that reminds you of home?

What fictional character do you most relate to, and why?
It would be funner if I was asked to give multiple choice answers for each question.
a) Holden Caulfield
b) Holden Caulfield but in an alternate universe where his only role in life is to say "Hold on, call failed," and J.D Salinger dies 75% richer because it was a conceptual art piece
c) Holden Caulfield but he reads This is Water by David Foster Wallace, so he's a little more chill but still v aware, u kno?
d) Holden Caulfield (movie version)

What celebrity do you have a crush on?
Mother Nature.

Best Youtube clip you've ever seen?

What's your secret talent?
A handful of seasoned novelists have accounted for my various secret talents chapter to chapter in a book called Very Public.

What's your spirit animal?
The City of Beverly Hills.

Which book do you find yourself recommending to all your friends?
I hand out thumb drives with my poetry and some GIFs to people who look like they have MacBooks.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
This question is super tight because it rejects Western culture's hyper-emphasis on "productivity" by acknowledging that someone around my age can still "grow up" and has room to make important decisions about (their) life. Gonna be making objects like I am now, under more resourceful circumstances, hopefully.

Will you send us a selfie?


Photography: Darren Ankenman
Model: Ilana @ Next