Apr 14, 2014 5:24PM

Meet The Model: Jorji @ Ford

Shot by Dana Boulos.
Jorji is the LA-based, horse-obsessed new model and she's recently caught photographer Dana Boulos' eye. We had a quick email chat with her after the pair got together in California for a lil' shoot. Watch this face!
Where are you from and where are you currently living?
My dad is from New Zealand, and my mom from Puerto Rico! I'm California born and raised!
Earliest childhood memory?
My earliest memory would have to be playing with my best friend Vanessa from across the street. We loved Pet Shop Toys...and we also fed nuts to a crazy squirrel named "Tike". Mr Tike was a genius squirrel, he'd wait outside for us to feed him and then he'd eat straight from our hands! Couldn't make a trip to the grocery store without buying some nuts for Mr. Tike!
Moment that changed your life?
When my friend Brianna introduced me to horses. We started playing with Breyer horses and then soon graduated to real ones when we were seven. We joined a very strict horse troup called California Rangers and if the uniform was wrinkled we couldn't ride that day! My mom was so terrified she would dry clean my uniform after the first time it happened!
Five women you look up to?
1) Ariana Grande
2) Adele
3) Ellen Degeneres
4) Jennifer Lawrence
5) My Mom
Best piece of advice you ever received?
What would your last meal be?
French fries. When we go to a restaurant, no matter where, that is what I order.
What animal would you like to be reincarnated as?
A horse! Definitely my favorite animal, you can learn so much from them!
What rules would you instil if you were Supreme Leader of Earth for one day?
I would feed the hungry and stop wasting food! I don't understand why there are people hungry in the world when there is so much abundance. Why can't we bring them food in an airplane?
What song do you really wish you'd written and why?
Counting Stars by One Republic. The song plays every time I am doing a photo shoot, it's a song about making so much money that you don't have to count money, you just count the stars.
Best Youtube clip you've ever seen?
"Chocolate Rain" and the Darth Vader spoof of Chocolate Rain. My sister and I always find the funniest videos on youtube. Then my mom finds them a few months later and we pretend we have never seen it before.
Send us a selfie?
Photography: Dana Boulos
Fashion: Amelian Kashiro