May 28, 2014 5:31PM

Meet The Model: Mitzi @ Be Natural

Shot by Ben Clement.

Photographer Ben Clement recently shot mega babe Mitzi in Tokyo. Not only does she have a rad name but she also possesses amazing artistic talent (and a hectic early childhood memory). Get to know the cheeseburger-loving vegetarian below.

Jerico Mandybur: Where are you from and where are you currently living? 
Mitzi: I was born in Ohio, where my mom is from but we all migrated West before I could form memories so I'm about as Californian as they come. Monterey, specifically. I now live in Tokyo — a much less green and much more crowded city than the Japanese town my dad grew up in.

Earliest childhood memory?
I tend to confuse videos with memories so I'm not sure, but an early definitely-not-home-movie memory worth telling is the time my brother devised a plan to kill me (drive me into the corner of a wall), but had a last minute breakthrough of conscience and missed me, lunging into the corner of the wall himself and splitting his head open. There was blood through his fingers and all over the tiles, onto dad's white office carpet and Persian rug. Now he has a Harry Potter scar. He was maybe five. I was three.
Moment that changed your life?
When I was around twenty I finally looked up the Cirque du Soleil performer requirements. It said I was too tall, probably too old, and that the percentage of kids who make it out of competitive gymnastics are:
1. Those who truly want to join the circus
2. Aren't physically broken already
That didn't include me. From there, the trajectory of my life changed pretty drastically and I discovered other things I enjoyed/was good at and maybe more importantly, things I hated/sucked at.
Five women you look up to?
Diane Keaton. Miranda July. Bjork. Julianne Moore. Ellen Degeneres.
Best piece of advice you ever received?
"Do what you want."
What would your last meal be?
A cheeseburger, maybe. I don't eat meat, but man I've smelled a lot of good cheeseburgers. In the event it's been too long and I don't like cheeseburgers anymore, I'd have a Mission burrito and Tapatio waiting. Plus pumpkin pie and La Fin du Monde.
What animal do you identify with the most?
Raccoon? Cat? Squirrel? Furry, clever pests.
What rules would you instil if you were Supreme Leader of Earth for one day?
What song do you really wish you'd written and why?
The songs I like most, I like for the fact that someone else wrote them. But if I had to choose something — 'Riverside Hotel' by Yosui Inoue (which you could conceptualise as a Japanese 'Wicked Game' if you don't know it). Writing it would mean I could probably seduce any man, woman or beast, and also speak super smooth Japanese — two superpowers I do not have.
Best Youtube clip you've ever seen?
If you were an emoji, which would you be?
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Photography: Ben Clement
Fashion: Kosei Matsuda
Fashion Assistant: Minami Taira
Model: Mitzi @ Be Natural