Dec 06, 2010 12:00AM

Merry Gorillaz-mas

Count down the days until Christmas with the Gorillaz!

It's almost Christmas! I know this because Oprah has already had her 'Favourite Things' episode (see below) and Ellen has started her "Twelve Days of Giveaways".

My eleven-year-old sister knows it is almost Christmas because she has a Hannah Montana advent calendar (apparently we were both raised with excellent taste in television). Advent calendars are a good idea in theory, but the chocolate tastes like soap. A BETTER idea is the Gorillaz Advent Calendar, where you get free stuff instead of a catastrophic taste experience.

From their website:

Seasonal Gratings! Gorillaz's little elves have been happily preparing an online advent calendar to get YOU (yes you) in the festive spirit! From now until the 25th Dec we will be giving away a daily feast of Gorillaz gifts for your jolly enjoyment! Ending in a spectacularly generous Xmas cracker for our lovely Sub Division members... and something alrightish for the rest of you. Hail Santa!


What's more, you get a FREE MASK!

If you are a massive Gorillaz fan you'll geek out over the soundcheck video, but everyone will enjoy the Gorillaz masks and the Gorillaz game (hopefully you will play better than we did - it's hard). And just like a 'traditional' advent calendar, if you miss a day you can always catch up!

Words: Madeleine Atkins