May 03, 2016 7:16AM

M.I.A Says She's Handing In Her Last LP, Not Sure If It'll Be Released

Bring the noize.
M.I.A has been a little bit confusing/messy on the Twit of late, and her most recent few aren't a whole lot clearer. She says she is handing in her "last LP" to her American label this week, and it'll be up to them if it's released.
Surely she just means it's the last LP she is contracted to provide for her label Interscope, rather than her last LP ever, but she is yet to clarify. And the question/doubt over whether they'll bother releasing it comes from the fact that she was denied a US visa late last year, which means she won't be able to tour or promote.

it's official ! US visa app! No visa!

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Going on, and being slightly dramatic but also pretty lol, she threatens that she'll start writing for DJ Khaled and Selena Gomez if she can't tour the US.
With the scarce info on her visa sitch and the elusive tease of her "last LP" her mentions are going a little bit nuts with lots of exclamation points and question marks. There has been no clarification from her label as yet.

Hayley Morgan