Feb 19, 2014 2:36PM

Miami Artist Breaks Ai Weiwei Vase In Museum

In protest of museum's policies.

Miami-based artist Maximo Caminero smashed an Ai Weiwei-crafted vase valued at $1 million at the Perez Art Museum Miami yesterday, in protest of a policy whereby the museum only exhibits international artists. After his public display of "spontaneous" meta-crime (the vase in question stood in front of Ai's famous photographic series showing him dropping a Han dynasty urn), Caminero was charged with criminal mischief by police.

As he told the Miami New Times, "I lifted the vase and let it smash on the floor like Weiwei did in his picture then waited for authorities peacefully and never resisted punishment,". He went on to say, "I had no idea the vase had any value. I admire Ai Weiwei greatly and have always supported his actions whie he was suffering indignities from the Chinese government."

Ai's response to the whole thing? In an interview with CNN he said, "The protest itself may be valid but to damage somebody's work to do that is questionable,". He continued, "My work belongs to me. It doesn't belong to the public and it also doesn't [belong to] somebody else". You can watch the vase drop for yourself below.