Jun 01, 2011 12:00AM

Moby: Destroyed

We're going to make you like Moby! For real!

His hit 'Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad' propelled Moby to fame, and his latest venture does little to dispel the archetypal mould of tragic artist. The electronic musician has released a book to correspond with the launch of his new album and will also exhibit his works in a series of international exhibitions. This ambitious trio of projects is collectively titled Destroyed.

Moby's exhibition tracks the less glamorous side of life as a touring musician. Far from exaggerated notions of champagne for breakfast and groupies on tap, the newly minted 'slashie' (that is musician slash photographer) captures what he has called "that strange juxtaposition of going from an audience of 50,000 people to a completely desolate and empty dressing room."

Far from an indulgent new side-project, Destroyed is the culmination of Moby's longstanding passion for recording what he considers the strangeness of life on tour. As such, it acts as a visual timeline of moments both loud and quiet.

The result is a haunting selection of images representing the surreal limbo of hotel rooms, airports and empty spaces. Contrasted with more conventional tour images, the series provides a rare insight into the stark polarity between private and public life.

Destroyed will be exhibited in London, New York, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

Anyway, enough about that art stuff! Here is a video that will do something you previously thought impossible: it will make you like Moby.

Words: Lillian McKnight and Ariane Halls