Apr 02, 2014 12:07PM

Models Are Tripping Through China Fashion Week

Shoe game, high.
Fashion Week's swept through Seoul and now it's China's turn. While the Chinese-Dutch designer Hu Sheguang's pieces were worth talking about, all eyes were on his unlucky models — a trio of whom tripped multiple times on the runway due to their towering heels. 
Poor modules! Their shoe game was just too high. Their heel perching, too precarious. 
Toppling from their patent beige and red towers, the unfortunate and lithe ladies landed in a heap of Bambi limbs and embarrassed smiles. 
We'll have to go back into our recent post on the history of models falling over and add these guys.
Don’t worry, models. It happened to Naomi Campbell in Paris circa 1995 and she made sweet $$$ out of it. Watch: