Oct 21, 2011 12:00AM

Mulberry's 40th Birthday Bash

Aging in style, documented by Yimmy Yayo.

Luxury leather goods label Mulberry turns forty this year. Pretty sure that's the age that people freak out about, before sticking Botox needles in their face, buying something stupid like a Ferrari and bracing themselves for senility. Thankfully Mulberry isn't in the midst of a mid-life crisis - and care of Emma Hill, Mulberry's Creative Director and driving force since 2008, the brand is no where near over the hill.

From humble beginnings in the English countryside (rural Somerset, to be exact) as a hunting/shooting/fishing brand, Mulberry has grown into a multi-national fashion house. The brand's garnered a cult following for its buttery soft leather it-bags (including the 'Alexa' satchel - guess which stylish Brit that one's named after) and Hill has an uncanny knack for making exactly what women want to wear, whether it's googly-eyed knitwear, cotton tweeds or Fantastic Mr Fox inspired furs.

If that's not enough proof that Mulberry's still got it, the brand knows how to party. Coinciding with New York Fashion Week, Mulberry threw a huge birthday bash. Kasabian played a live set and a bunch of Mulberry's celebrity friends were in attendance, including Alexa Chung, Maggie Gyllanhal, Solange Knowles, Leigh Lazark and Rose Byrne. Oyster's very own Yimmy Yayo took some social snaps.

The birthday celebrations didn't end there. As well as penning a book celebrating forty years of achievement, Mulberry sent a giant golden Bayswater bag out on a world tour. After a stint in the window display at Mulberry's London flagship, it presided over Mulberry's BBQ at Coachella before visiting places as far flung as Italy and Thailand. For the launch of Mulberry's Sydney flagship it touched down on our humble home soil - perhaps you caught it posing for an obligatory coat-hanger photo op?

Photography: Yimmy Yayo