Feb 02, 2016 4:28PM

Naomi Watts Joins 'Twin Peaks' 2.0 With David Lynch To Reprise His Cameo

Gordon Cole 5ever.

David Lynch has lined up a few more faves to star in the Twin Peaks revival and confirmed that he'll return as loud but lovable FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. Aw yeah!

Naomi Watts will be bringing back them ~unexplained~ Mulholland Drive vibes alongside dude-with-the-biggest-IMDb-profile-ever, Tom Sizemore. These guys are joining dream bae Sherilyn Fen (aka Audrey Horne), Kyle MacLachlan, Laura Dern and a bunch of other semi-confirmed OG cast members for a new season that's shaping up to be straight fi-ya (walk with me). LOL. 

But mostly:

Via Deadline

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Lucy Jones