Nov 30, 2016 8:47AM

Nelly Talks About That Weird Excel Spreadsheet Text Sitch From 'Dilemma'

New formula who dis?
When life was easy and our biggest ~dilemma~ was finding a QT to grind with when Nelly tunes came on at house parties, the Band-Aid connoisseur dropped a track with Kelly Rowland that restored our faith in neighbourhood love.
That track was 'Dilemma' and, aside from being a freaking excellent slow jam, it continued to stay at the forefront of our playlist repertoire because of a strange scene in the film clip where Kelly is texting Nelly via an Excel spreadsheet.
Fortunately, the hard hitting journos over at The Project asked him about it. "That was the new technology at the time." He explains. "It looks a little dated now." True, but also not. Watch him give the non-explanation below:
And swoon over dat driveway love right here:
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan