Aug 23, 2016 2:40PM

Netflix Victim-Shaming Doco Gets Infuriating/Important First Trailer

Audrie & Daisy.

The trailer for Netflix's upcoming documentary Audrie & Daisy will make your blood boil, but you should watch it anyway. It tracks the stories of two teenage girls from America, Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman, who were both sexually assaulted, and who were both subject to vitriolic online smear campaigns as a result. 

The trailer for Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk's documentary opens with footage of the two girls when they were younger, overlaid with hashtags that were used against them online, including #herdrunkstory and #liar. Despite occurring in different towns, the girl's stories are incredibly similar — they were both sexually assaulted while intoxicated at a party by privileged males who they knew, they were both subsequently slut-shamed online and in real life, and the victim blaming/shaming they copped had devastating effects. 

Daisy's house was burned to the ground, and her family were harrassed out of town. In Audrie's case, after the photos of her assault were circulated around her school and online, she died by suicide. It's truly awful stuff. 

While we wish we didn't have to hear another story about victim-shaming, hopefully the documentary will open up dialogue even more, and reinforce the true fact there is no such thing as a perfect victim. 

Audrie & Daisy premiered at Sundance, and will be in theatres and streaming on Netflix from September 23.

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Photo: Netflix 

Madeleine Woon