Sep 01, 2015 3:06PM

#neverforget Australia Edition: Tragic Teen TV

By tragic we mean great, obviously.

Today we undertake the greatest challenge of our young lives by attempting to narrow down a fantastic collection of Australian teen television shows to our most favourite. *Breaks out in cold sweat* Judgers, we recommend you navigate away from this page immediately.

Last week we paid homage to the great Toadie "Toadfish" Rebecchi, opening the door to many memories from the hours and hours of our youth we devoted to watching quality programs. So naturally this week's edition of #neverforget is brought to you by the teen TV shows that made our afternoon "homework breaks" for many years. 

1. Round the Twist

Let's start with arguably the most iconic Australian TV show of ever because strange things do happen when you're going Round the Twist. Paul Jennings stories brought to life by the sea, and plot lines that centre on undies and dunnies, what more could a girl want?

Warning: the following content may cause you to abandon all work for the remainder of your day.

Highlights include:

That time Linda's love interest turned into A MERMAID.

That time spagetti spew covered an entire room full of people.

That time the whole episode was legit about a pissing contest.

Also, every time anyone said: "Brooonson".

2. Ocean Girl

There was one girl that every one of us wanted to be and that was the mystical mermaid angel Ocean Girl. Neri was a total boss who spent her time hanging out in her desert island home and helping different species communicate.
Also, Jason <3.

3. Heartbreak High

This cult classic did for school students in the 90s what Puberty Blues had done for Cronulla residents in the 80s. It gave us bad boy dream boats and complicated relationships at the peak of eyebrow piercings. We owe you everything, Heartbreak High

Mostly though, it acted as a blueprint for the use of the timeless insult "rack off", that some genius has complied below. "Rack off, hairy legs!" is a particularly strong example of its accurate use.

PS: Drazik. Amirite ladies?

4. The Genie from Down Under

While this isn't exactly a teen show we had to include it based on the combination of iconic Australiana (opals, the bush etc.) and magic.
On second thoughts, Penelope is hell annoying.

5. Ship to Shore

Another definite kids show that makes the cut is Ship to Shore because adults are dumb and young Heath Ledger <3
Shout out to young adult sci-fi gold The Girl from Tomorrow and Spellbinder.

Moving into the 2000s, honourable mentions go to The Sleepover Club for giving people like Caitlin Stasey and Eliza Taylor their start. As well as Silversun for giving us the biggest cliff hanger of all time.


Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones