Jan 23, 2017 11:49PM

#neverforget Film Edition: The Good/Bad Outfits, Hair And Decisions In 'Thirteen'

Mothers, lock up your sons.
Just like any other coming-of-age story, Thirteen is one of ~sex, drugs and criminal activity~. But there was always something about this early 00s dramatic mess that felt unlike any other coming-of-age. The fact that the script, based on Nikki Reed's (who played Evie) life was written in six days, certainly added some realism. But the sheer amount of tongue rings, slut strands and tops with complicated spaghetti straps cemented this flick into a list of greats.
Pinch a ciggy from your mum and take a trip through all of the good/bad decision making that made Thirteen so monumental.
The only way to ditch your good girl image and opt for bad gal is an undershirt
This will always result in scoring the phone number of the most popular bad gal
And you will temporarily achieve friendship goals
Flogging your mum's wallet is not recommended, but who can argue with the outfits that resulted: name plate necklaces, hoop earrings, little vests, belts with leather tassels and eyelets, eyelets, eyelets
Peering over skinny 90s lenses is also a great look
While liberating yourself from the bra, we have learned from celebrities such as Britney Spears that the following advice is not always a great idea to take
Plus, exposed g-bangas cannot be argued with
Huffing your keyboard cleaner and getting your mate to hit you in the face, on the other hand, is defs a bad idea
Cold spoons under the eyes is still a relevant beauty hack
#aboutlastnight ammirite?
If you take one thing away from Thirteen, let it be the shimmer eyeliner
And remember: ~being a teenager shouldn't hurt so much~
Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan