Mar 28, 2016 4:47AM

#neverforget Trend Edition: Millennium Rave Essentials

The late 90s and early 00s were difficult times for trends — so true props to anyone who was trying to ~find themselves~ amid laser lighting displays, smoke machines and grown men wearing contact lenses that deleted their eye colour. 
Rave fashions during the turn of the millennium really… peaked. The combination of 90s tomboy/sports enthusiast and 00s sexy cyber vibes really brought out the best personal brand choices for everyone involved. And not a Native American headdress in sight! The essentials:
Practical and cute. Bonus points if you had a hell tech one with flashing lights inside.
Candy Bracelets
The direct signifier of how many friends you made last weekend, but also like a little stock bank of how many friends you have the potential to make this weekend. Legit could not wait to hold hands on the dance floor and pass bracelets back and forth.
TBH going to the club in your PJs is the smartest thing you ever did in your youth. You might have looked a bit manky all night, but you were reaping the reward of comfort and warmth on the nightrider home.
This is more about having crushes on guys who wore visors. Bonus points if they wore them upside down and swivelled to the side. Rebel!
Frosted Tips
So cool! Especially if worn with aforementioned upside down sideways visor.
Really, Really Baggy Pants
Wow. Whoever committed to those glowing phat pants was a hero. Imagine asking your parent to buy you a piece of clothing that looks like the signage for a rural highway getting midnight road works. Custom denim phatties were also solid.
Fur Cuffs
Edging a bit too close to Furry territory, these babies were reserved for the very hot chick with the mum who could sew. A beautiful invention that meant it was perfectly fine to wear underpants as actual pants.
Neon Eyebrow Rings
There was nothing more hypnotic than staring above a stranger's eyes directly into his/her neon/UV eyebrow ring. Especially if it was the type made out of all of those rubbery globs that formed soft spikes.
Cuddle Puddles 
Not a fashion trend, but definitely a very fashionable way to be photographed. Laying on a disgusting floor/footpath with all of your new friends meant total happiness and pure bliss. You were invincible, a family, and you promised you'd never get up. PLUR.

Hayley Morgan