Jul 01, 2016 6:44AM

#neverforget Trend Edition: Rappers Wearing Little Tiny Glasses

4eyez on me.

Trends come and go, but you know which trend is really great and should never leave our side? Rappers wearing little tiny glasses. What a hit! Cool dudes (and ladiez) who can move and rhyme, and collectively have the best style in the whole entertainment industry, and who are also heaps staunch, just wearing dainty little frames atop their noses. Genius. It's like: Yeah fam, I got that Aldous Huxley next to my bed but I'll also snap you if you step to me.

So, without further having to explain why rappers wearing little tiny glasses is the best look ever, here are some pics and commentary:


The father of the look. So smart, kind and gentle. Also such subtle appreciation for craftsmanship with that temple detail.


When Eminem sang the words, "You better lose yourself" he certainly was not talking about his specs. Because A) Who wants to lose their specs, and B) Would you just look at these dainty reading goggles! Simply stunning!


The man E-40 might've spent his time practising looking hard but that's only because he never had to practice looking smart. Dude was a natural with his signature little tiny glasses.

Lisa "left Eye" Lopes 

Homegirl very famously adorned the left lens of her wire frames with a condom, further repping the safe sex message TLC stood for. Genius.

Lil Wayne

OK, this awesomely questionable character has made some etch image decisions by way of skateboarding and skinny jeans — both of which never really worked out for him in particular. But Wayne sure knows how to get down with some little tiny glasses.


If you've never heard of this should-have-been star, it's because he fully took the heat in an outrageous shooting involving J. Lo and P Diddy. In his release interview he wore some very understated specs.

A$AP Rocky

Those thin wire frames really bring out the bling in A$AP's grillz and the twinkle in his eyes. 


True ledge Nas is a glasses man, and in his 1998 film Belly he really hit the look home.

Snoop Dogg

Snoopy has been known to rock some great frames — heart shaped, aerodynamic wrap arounds, little tiny glasses. But let's also appreciate the ones he wears as Todd.


Not really a rapper, also not really little tiny glasses. Classic Drake — always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

Jay Z

Meanwhile pappa Jay tryna do a trend like…

Photos & GIFs: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan