Aug 28, 2012 10:23AM

New Music: DâM-FunK, Aaliyah x Drake, Cat Power

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LA producer Shlohmo has remixed that Aaliyah/Drake song and it's kind of scary. It's good, sure, but it's also creepy — kind of like a really vivid anxiety dream.

If you are unfamiliar with Shlohmo's work, Pigeons and Planes have put together pretty nifty list of the best Shlohmo remixes, which should put the above in context.

Our resident Music Genius (and Deputy Editor) Ariane wrote about how awesome DâM-FunK is early last year. Here is the most recent example of this fact: a cover of '17 Days' by Prince that is, at the very least, on par with the original. DâM-FunK, aka Damon Riddick, includes his version of '17 Days' as a B-side to the I Don't Wanna Be A Star 12" (on sale today!). Listen here:

And now compare and contrast with Prince's original:

You may recall our earlier piece on DāM-FunK making reference to a keytar. There is even a photo of him playing the keytar. Well, not only is he releasing the I Don't Wanna Be A Star 12" today, but also something called the Dam-Drum, a handheld drum machine and sequencer that looks like if my brother were eight again he'd request a cake replica for his birthday. (It also probably makes really good drum sounds.)

Oyster #66 cover star and beloved creator of all that is melancholic, Cat Power, has a new record coming out — her first full-length compilation of new songs in over six years — and you can listen to the entire album online right now thanks to NPR! Sun will be officially released on September 3 in the UK, 4 in the US.

Emily Royal