Aug 09, 2011 12:00AM

New Rodarte x Opening Ceremony

Printed pants return in the Mulleavy sisters' second collection for Opening Ceremony.

One of the most irritating things about companies having Facebook pages is when they make you "like" their company before you can look at their pictures/videos/wall posts. The exception to this fact is when Rodarte releases a second collection for Opening Ceremony, because a) you probably should have "liked" Rodarte x Opening Ceremony on Facebook already, and b) doing so lets you preview the stunning collection.

This time around the Mulleavy sisters were inspired by Scandinavia and, fittingly, the collection is easy to imagine being worn by sylphlike young blondes of Elle Fanning's ilk. There are long, drapey silhouettes and Nordic and Fair Isle prints that would make herding goats on the Scandes exceeding glamourous, and shaggy fur coats perfect for roaming the icy Scandinavian plains.

The lookbook was photographed by Autumn de Wilde, who's name just seems almost ridiculously appropriate.

Words: Hannah Ongley