Aug 26, 2016 5:53PM

Photo Diary: The Pals, Pizza, People & Parties Of NZFW

New Zealand is the plug.

NZFW 2016 changed us forever. Legit. Not only did we meet the nicest people, some of whom happened to be models, we also #died over the all-leather-everything at Stolen Girlfriends Club, ate our weight in Chinese food, and realised that in another, sassier universe the abbreviation "NZFW" could actually stand for "Not Zafe For Work". How can we ever repay you, land of the long white cloud?

Here we present just a few of the beautiful memories we'll take with us from the week that was. Among other things, they should definitely prove to you that NZ knows what's up when it comes to fashions; just look Eugénie's embroidered hoodies, Jimmy D's gothic fonts, and all the cool youths at the Huffer after-party. Special shout outs to our girl Imogen Wilson for feeding us dumplings and styling the Huffer show, and to Rain and China who win our inaugural prize for "models with the best names". Couldn't have done it without you!

Photography: Chloe Hill

Lucy Jones