Apr 09, 2015 12:04PM

Nick Cave's Book About Aeroplane Sick Bags Is Out Today

Cool story, bro.

Nick Cave has released the Nick Cave-est book ever today — it's called The Sick Bag Songs, was written entirely on aeroplane sick bags, and is actually also about them. CSB.

This is the mad genius' third book, following on from his first two efforts, And the Ass Saw the Angel and The Death of Bunny Munro. The most wack award definitely goes to The Sick Bag Songs though, which was written in-flight during his recent tour with the Bad Seeds.

"The Sick Bag Song is the leavings," "The Sick Bag Song is the scrapings," "The Sick Bag Song is the shavings," says Nick.

While this all sounds pretty #conceptual, we're sure The Sick Bag Songs is probably actually a really good read. Still undecided? Maybe this video (by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, who directed 20,000 Days On Earth) of Nick spouting some spoken word gold about dropping Patti Smith into a sick bag will convince you to buy the book.

Photo: Tumblr

Lucy Jones