Feb 05, 2016 7:01AM

Nicki Minaj Sasses Miley And Drake In Baller 'Down In The DM' Remix

What's good?
Nicki Minaj has fired off a few bars, and completely upstaged Yo Gotti, on social media love song 'Down in the DM'.
Honestly, she shreds Gotti to pieces. Mostly rapping about meeting/denying fellas on on the socials, she also takes a minute to have a quick dig at Miley: "I said, 'Miley, what's good? / I said, 'Could you pay my bills like O'Reilly? What's good?' / I just sit back and observe / All these niggas that I done curved / If it goes down in your DM then baby boy you lucky / Cause 99.9 percent of these fuck boys can't fuck me."
And, addressing another little sitch she got dragged into, she throws a little something in the direction of the Drake and Meek beef: "Fuck you mean? / Fuck your little memes / Even Queen Bey had to tell 'em I'm the queen." True.

Hayley Morgan