Jun 26, 2014 9:25AM

No Big Day Out For You

One of Australia's oldest and biggest festivals cancelled for 2015.
Less than a year since promoter AJ Maddah bought a 50% stake in Australia's oldest and biggest music festivals, Big Day Out, it's been revealed that the festival will not take place in 2015. The BDO's promoter has also pulled out of the partnership, making a Texas-based festival company called C3 Presents the sole owners of the event. The festival known for bringing out huge acts and pulling even bigger crowds of extremely munted, sometime flag-bearing party animals has not missed a year since 1998.
According to Sydney Showground's general manager Peter Thorpe, "they cancelled the booking last week and we were told to release the date. "It's very disappointing for the fans and for us because it's an iconic event. It was the first rock and roll event I went to and the first we held. I was there for 20 years at Paddington and we've been with it here ever since."
AJ Maddah has previously stated that the most recent Big Day Out suffered "ugly" financial losses and low ticket sales. He's also previously stated that he thought the BDO had "fucked their brand," saying the event was "seriously wobbly." Meanwhile, independently-run rural camping festivals are growing in numbers every year. Interesting times. 
Photos: Rene Vaile