Sep 10, 2015 4:35PM

Nothing The Label Is Definitely A Thing

A good thing.

Sydney-based Mark Soetantyo's label Nothing is our kinda thing — très comfortable shirts and jumpers that combine Asian pop-culture with tongue-in-cheek lols. Mark's just dropped the label's first collection feat. bōsōzoku gang girls and "squat club" slogans and they're selling like hot ramen! Don't worry though he's restocking soon, which is good 'cause we want one of everything.

Check the SS15 range captured in all its cool/kawaii glory by Gavriel Maynard above. Then, read about the anime butts and squatting expertise that inspired it.

Lucy Jones: Can you describe Nothing in a sentence?
Mark Soetantyo: Asian pop-culture mixed with vintage erotica and the internet.

Are the SS15 print characters based on IRL people?
Well the squat girl was based on a photo I saw online of this Japanese biker girl, she's part of the bōsōzoku gang subculture that started in the 50s. Their number is drastically decreasing now, maybe only around 150-200 of them are still active in Japan these days, but the lifestyle itself is full of interesting fashion statements, motorcycle and car modifications and cool graphics. If I were born Japanese I would totally be part of the gang. I can say that bōsōzoku was definitely one of the inspirations for this collection, I collaborated with a Sydney based illustrator, Stellar Leuna, and she really captured the mood of these characters perfectly.

Your Instagram exposes an obsession with anime butts, please explain.
I don't want to be weird about it but it's kinda aligned with the brand itself, not just images of butts but girls in general. I want to post more real people but anime seems more appropriate at the moment. And, accidentally, all the cool Anime images I found are of the butt. Not my fault.

Who makes up the Nothing team?
Me, myself and I. But every now and then my partner Stacia, Art Director of FFF Zine, helps me with the art direction. [She helped] with the lookbook for example.

Is "Squat Club" what I think it is?
Maybe ;-)

What is the secret to mastering a stable squat?
For the basics, your foot length has to be at least 26cm, that's like minimum, slightly wider is always good. Make sure you have the right angle between your feet and full control of your body weight. But yeah, some people just born with the talent. Lucky them! The most important thing is that it's not a perfect squat until your feet fully touch the ground, squatting on your tiptoes doesn't count!!

What happened in 1985?
Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan.

Would you rather wear Nothing or nothing?
Wear Nothing while seeing other people wear nothing.

If Nothing was a meal what would it be?
Hot and spicy ramen.

What's your preferred location/situation for doing nothing?
In one of those Japanese natural hot springs.

Photography: Gavriel Maynard
Photos and GIF: @not_a_thing_official and Tumblr

Lucy Jones