Nov 11, 2016 2:47PM

Nothing x Freeform Fabrication's Japanese Street Racing Crew-Inspired Shirts Are Sick

Skrrt, skrrt.

The shirt pros over at Nothing have teamed up with Indonesian brand Freeform Fabrication to create a collection of steezy street-race-ready tees, jumpers and hoodies. The range features dope prints and embroidery inspired by that need for speed, keeping things mostly monochrome with a focus on fresh as fonts. 

To celebrate the drop we hit up Mark Soetantyo — the design genius behind Nothing — to talk fast cars, illegal subcultures and the streetwear scene in Jakarta. 

Lucy Jones: Can you describe the vibe of the Freeform Fabrication collab in a sentence?
Mark Soetantyo: On the surface: a darker approached compared with their previous collection but still fun and quirky if you look deeper into the designs.

How did you come across Footurama?
I worked with Footurama previously on other projects, plus they have been around for a while. They started as a sneaker blog and morphed into a retail store, focusing on second hand items. The crew behind Footurama are one of the main influencers on the streetwear scene in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What was it like working together?
It was a smooth ride.

Can you tell us a bit about the Japanese racing crews that inspired the range?
During the 1980s and early 1990s, illegal racing was really popular in Japan. These groups mostly raced through curve roads around the mountains of Japan; this type of racing is called Toge racing. The series of S bends in these steep roads become such a challenging track, making this type of racing really popular among the youth and creating a subculture of its own. Since this type of racing is illegal, obviously these groups became a menace to the Japanese society. Their group uniforms were the inspiration for this capsule collection.

What's the best Fast & Furious?
The first one obviously. I'm pretty sure everybody believed they were a race car driver after coming out of the theatre; especially me, and I was in year 11 back then.

Dream car?
Porsche 911 SWb.

If this collection was a song:

If this collection was a meal: I know that this isn't a meal but I think it represents the collection well.

If this collection was a single word: Kamikaze

Best thing on the internet?


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Words to live by:

The NothingFreeform Fabrication range is available online at Footurama and coming soon to Nothing

Photography: Samuel Evander 
Fashion: Michael Killian & Mark Soetantyo 
Hair & make-up: Shabrina Nesya 
Model: Verene 

Lucy Jones