May 27, 2014 10:20AM

NY Post Destroys Kim & Kanye Wedding In 5 Sentences

Despite not actually knowing the meaning of 'betrothed'.
Ouch, guys. What did the fabulously-wealthy rapper/reality TV gal do to you, h8ters? Oh, they invaded your waking life with blaring announcements of their every move? Fair call. As you were. The NY Post knows how you feel and they have no problem saying it in their wedding announcements section. Despite being kind of rich (coming from a publication that's known for bidding high to gain exclusive rights to celebrity photos), the small piece has captured the spirit of the everyman's blind hatred towards #themosttalkedaboutcoupleintheworld.
Five sentences is all it takes to expend an epic take down of a story that most titles (including Oyster — sue us!) have written about at length. Kimye will probably frame it as a testament to their power and influence, anyway. Only royalty and the unimaginably rich and powerful (we're looking at you, Zuckerberg) can squeeze this much hate out of the zeitgeist sponge. 
P.S. (Yawn)
See the first images of Kim's hallowed Givenchy dress right here.