Apr 13, 2017 2:40AM

Oh Crap, Netflix Just Released The First Minute Of 'OITNB' Season 5

Daya's got a gun...
Brace yourselves, ladies, because Netflix have hit go on the first minute of the new season of Orange Is The New Black and it is hectic af. It picks up exactly where season 4 left off, so if you're not up to date you're gunna want to sort that out real quick.
Daya's got a gun and it's pointed right at that kook guard. There's a huge group of inmates around her legit begging her to pull the trigger on him. In come Piper and Alex, just far enough away from the action to have some weird dialogue about the sitch without causing distraction. 
"If this is a real riot, do you think this is a step forward or backward for equality?" Piper asks Alex, in classic dimwit Piper style.
Cut back to the gun situation and Daya is all "Everyone be quiet!" but they're not quiet. Everything goes black and the orange, and pop! Screams! Wtf has happened? 
Can't believe we have to wait until June 9 to watch all 13 episodes, back-to-back, without sleeping.
Photo: YouTube

Hayley Morgan