Jul 26, 2017 10:45PM

Oh God, There's A 'Broad City' Abbi And Ilana BFF Origin Story

Do you remember the moment you met your soul sister? Well don't even bother telling us about it because it certainly can't be as important as the first ever meeting of Abbi and Ilana AKA our truest and closest TV friends. And right now, today, you can witness this story in all its Ilana with straightened hair and purrrrfect winged eyeliner glory.
It's New York City, 2011 — a simpler time when the headlines read: "Another one bites the dust — the New York City snipper is at it again sniping women's ponytails." Abbi is wearing a high-waisted belt over her top, as was the style at the time, and she's out of credit on her MetroCard. Ilana, yes with straightened hair and purrrrfect winged eyeliner, attempts to save the day. A business man throws up, Ilana calls Abbi "ma'am", and the rest is history.
Broad City returns September 13.

There was only one magical origin story that mattered at #SDCC2017. get ready for the whole damn thang on Sept. 13

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Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan