Sep 14, 2012 12:58PM

Smell Like an Olsen Twin, Lady Gaga Wants to Smoke Her Rich Friends' Weed, Lindsay Lohan is Ridiculous

Plus watch a video of Girl Talk's cat singing Collective Soul.
Photo: Terry Richardson

We're pretty hyped about the upcoming release of Lady Gaga's first fragrance Fame (it drops into Myer this Sunday!), and we were kind of wondering what she was planning on doing with all those extra funds that will be coming through. She has answered any qualms we had, telling WWD, "I don't need your money!" and that the proceeds will be going towards her Born This Way Foundation, her incredible stage productions, and other things she "loves to do." What could these things possibly be? "All I want to do is create things and wear funny clothes and go to parties and smoke my rich friends' weed. That's really all I want to do," she said. Someone should tell her she's richer than all of her friends combined...

Speaking of fragrance, The Olsen twins are launching an eau de Olsen under their Elizabeth and James label in collaboration with Sephora next March. They've made body sprays in the past, but this is sure to be a much more sophisticated and delicious affair.

It feels like only yesterday that Lindsay Lohan was a suspect in a $100,000 theft, but now the actress (do we still call her that?) is 'fighting to live her dreams'. As usual, she has taken to Twitter to do some TOL (thinking out loud), because she has a lot of inspiring things to say. Yesterday she tweeted the photo below captioned with "Birkin. Mac Computer. Chanel and a jet. Never quit fighting to live your dreams. God Bless." In what world does this represent 'fighting to live your dreams'? In what world is that thing in the photo a Mac computer? 

But the crazy doesn't stop there. Oh no. Just a few hours ago she tweeted the selfie below — because one cigarette is never enough — accompanied by the text "In the words of my beautiful mommy- "jus sayin" ;)". We don't even know. 

Other highlights of Lindsay's recent Twitter updates include: sending a prayer to Prince Harry after his naked partying scandal ("just sending love, prayers and strength to #PrinceHarry") and asking Obama to lower taxes for "those that are listed on Forbes as 'millionaires' if they are not [actually millionaires]".

As an end note, did you know that Girl Talk's cat is very talented? It's true. Here is the cat singing a meowy version of Collective Soul's 'Shine'. After receiving already 640 likes on Facebook, here's hoping it's not the last we'll see of this guy (move over Choupette!).